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Owner / Store Manager

Masato used to spend his winters snowboarding to aim becoming a pro and his off-seasons working as a rickshaw driver in Asakusa. After many years of working in the food industry, he launched THEDAY to create a place where people can enjoy craft beer and homemade sausages, which he has been absorbed in. Working hard everyday to make THEDAY a place loved by the locals.



Staff / Cook

Shinya hit it off with Masato through his hobby of snowboarding and eventually joined THEDAY as a kitchen staff. He has various work experience in the food industry for many years, including as a hamburger cook and a baker. He keeps attracting guests with tasty dishes created based on his remarkable experiences.



Staff / Cook

Shinya first met Masato when they worked together as rickshaw drivers in Asakusa. After Masato moved to the food industry, he often visited Masato's restaurant as a guest and eventually got attracted to the food business. They started working together again and now Shinya is a skilled sausage craftsman who creates THEDAY sausages that are loved by their guests.




Sho has been fascinated with craft beer for the past 10 years, digging into a wide range of beers, from the classics to trendy styles. He has become a member of the family after he has continued to stop by THEDAY for their sausages and beer. His journey to feel the beer spirit and explore the roots of beer seems never ending.

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